Ongoing research project

Godfrey Mmbando
Hydrological Climate Change Modeling in Pangani River Basin/Tanzania

Maximilian Petzold
Vegetation changes and land use in the Pangani river catchment/Tanzania

Masinde Bwire
Impact of Climate Change and Variability on Coastal Panaeid Shrimps Abundance in Rufiji Delta, Tanzania

Patrick Ndaki
Community adaptation to climate change

Mathabo Dadasi
Community mapping in Nyandeni

Aisha Jjagwe Lutale
Assessing Adaptive Capacity To Climate Change Impacts:  A Survey Of Mabira Forest and Environs, Lake Victoria Basin


Completed research projects

Ally Salim
Assessment of agriculture practices in wetlands for improved livelihoods and ecological integrity

Hawa Mushi
A comparative assessment of challenges and opportunities of REDD with regard to participatory forest management: The case of Kilosa

Abulele Adams
The State of Corporate Sustainability in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

Danai Joanne Tembo
The disparities arising in the policing of consumptive and non-consumptive marine activities

Maik Winges
Aspects of regional vulnerability and the assessment of adaptive capacity to Climate Change.



Chauka, L.J., Nsajigwa Emmanuel Mbije, Simon Juma Kangwe (2014):
Seasonal fluctuations in photochemical efficiency of Symbiodinium harbored by three Tanzanian reef-building corals that differ in bleaching susceptibility. Submitted to the African Journal of Marine Sciences.

Chauka, L.J., Georg Steinert, and Matern S. P. Mtolera (2014):
Tanzanian local environmental differences and bleaching histories influence diversity and distribution of Symbiodinium in reef building corals. Submitted to journal of microorganism

Grecksch, Kevin (2014):
Adaptive capacity and water governance in the Keiskamma River Catchment, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa (submitted)

Grothmann, T., Yanda, P., Ndaki, P., Petzold, M., Kakembo, V., & Siebenhüner, B. (in preparation):
“Testing” the Ostrom framework: Synthesizing and comparing sustainability of resource use and vulnerability of socio-ecological systems in Tanzania, South Africa and Germany. Planned for submission to Global Environmental Change.

Grothmann, T. (in preparation):
Developing transformative visions and goals for adaptation to climate change – a neglected step in adaptation planning. Planned for submission to Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy.

Grothmann, T. (2014):
Adaptation research: Where do we stand and where should we go? In A. Prutsch, T. Grothmann, S. McCallum, I. Schauser & R. Swart (Eds.), Climate Change Adaptation Manual: Lessons Learned from European and Other Industrialised Countries (pp. 14-23). London: Routledge.

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Comparison of extreme weather events and streamflow from drought indices and a hydrological model in River Malaba, Eastern Uganda, International Journal of Environmental Studies, 70, (6), 940–951.

Wasswa, H, Mugagga, F. and Kakembo, V. (2013):
Economic implications of wetland conversion for local people’s livelihoods: The case of Kampala- Mukono corridor (KMC) wetlands in Uganda, Academia Journal of Environmental Sciences 1(4): 066-077.

Kakembo, V. (2013):
Land disturbance, vegetation invasions and implications for land degradation. In A.J. Daniels (Ed.), Advances in Environmental Research, Vol. 29, Nova Science Publishers Inc. New York, pp. 183-200.

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Communal Game Farming: A sustainable land use option? In J. B. Smith (Ed.), National Parks: Sustainable Development, Conservation Strategies and Environmental Impacts, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. New York, pp. 155-178.

Petzold, M.:
Modeling Land Cover in Mkomazi River Basin, Tanzania. Vortrag auf der 43. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Ökologie Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz vom 09.09.-13.09.2013, Potsdam.

Petzold, M.:
Assessment of land cover sensitivity to environmental drivers and land use in North East Tanzania (in preparation)

Petzold, M.:
Plant trait composition as indicator of land cover adaptation to disturbance and extreme environmental conditions in North East Tanzania (in preparation)

Petzold, M., Kleyer, M.:
Scenarios of future land cover distribution in response to changes in land use and climatic conditions in North East Tanzania (in preparation)

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