Annual Research Workshop I

2011: September 22-23, Oldenburg

Impacts of climate change and specific challenges for adaptation in the regions Keiskamma (Eastern Cape) and Mkomazi (Tanzania) river catchments.

Photos: Malve v. Möllendorff


Annual Research Workshop II

2012: July 5-7, Oldenburg

Integrating social and ecological approaches and data: establishing methodologies and conceptual frameworks to be applied in the Clim-A-Net study regions.

Photos: Kilian Köbrich


Annual Research Workshop III

2013: June 25-27, Oldenburg

Vulnerability analyses in the Clim-A-Net-Project: Comparing the Mkomazi Region and the Keiskamma River Catchment.

Photos: Kilian Köbrich


Annual Research Workshop IV

2014: March 30 - April 4, Lushoto, Tanzania

Interacting with Local Stakeholders on Climate-Change-Adaptation in the Mkomazi Region: Ideas, Strategies, Perspectives, Decision Making, Policies and Participation.

Photos: Kilian Köbrich

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